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WordPress on Google Cloud: The Definitive Guide

Want to Host WordPress on Google Cloud Platform ?

You are in right place.

Here I am going to show step by step how to install wordpress on google cloud.

Wait  Not Only that I am also  going to give you a definitive answer on WordPress Cost on Google Cloud Platform.

In fact I am hosting my wordpress on google cloud. So why not you ?

Basic FAQs

1. What is the Google Cloud Platform?

“Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube.”

With the help of google cloud  you can build  anything in the modern web era. They have 90 different services under google cloud platform.

You don’t need all of them to host a simple wordpress website  on google cloud.

The services you need to host a wordpress site: Compute Engine , Persistent Disk ,Network Service Tiers, Google CDN (optional), Google Dns (optional).

2. Google Cloud Platform Free Tier.

As of now Google is providing you two types of free services.

12 month free trial :$300 free credit to get started with any GCP product. Click here to learn more.

Yes you  hear it right , Google is give you free $300 credit for 1 year(newuser).Basically You can host your wordpress on google cloud for free for a year

Always Free:

Google Cloud’s Always Free program provides limited access to many common GCP resources free of charge. Resources are provided at intervals, usually monthly. Always Free resources are not credits; they don’t accumulate or roll over from one interval to the next.

Unlike the free trial, Always Free isn’t a special program. It’s a regular part of your GCP account. Click here to learn more.

3. Cost of hosting a wordpress Website on google.

The Cost of hosting a Simple WordPress website is depend on 3 GCP resources,  Compute Engine , Persistent Disk ,Network Service Tiers . But if want external db servers,load balancers, google cdn ,google dns, etc then it varies more. 

For a simple wordpress website cost varies between $3.5-$25 per month.You can host wordpress free of cost for 1 year with google cloud free tier.

Here is the price  table of 3 main GCP resources.

3.1. Compute Engine.

Basically compute engine is a virtual machine with a v-cpu and RAM (memory).

It define how much cpu core and ram you need for your wordpress website.

Google is providing you a free f1-micro compute engine in usa  with always free program.

3.2. Persistent Disk : SSD/HDD

Persistent Disks are the storage disk where you will install your WordPress and store your web files.

Google has two types of storage disks.

Standard provisioned space: It is a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) disk.

SSD provisioned space:SSD (Solid State Drive).

You should use SSD whenever possible as it is significantly faster than HDD; that being said, it is also significantly more expensive.

3.3. Network Service Tiers.

The Network service Tiers cost is depend on your website outgoing data.Whenever some one  visit your site they download some data from your Gcp server.

 So Basically you paying  for your monthly visitors.

3.4. Google Dns. (optional)

3.5. Google CDN.(optional)

Here is some typical estimate for hosting WordPress on Google Cloud.

Example 1:For small traffic sites.

If you just beginning or you already has few smaller websites this example is perfect for you . Google always free f1-micro (usa)compute engine your Google Cloud Website Hosting Price will be around $3.45-4.00 . If you want your server other  location (not in  USA)  then you have to pay around $8-$9 per month.

Now you can not install Click to deploy WordPress on f1-micro server.

If you want f1-micro then go for Bitnami WordPress on Google Cloud.

As you can see if you use always free fi-micro server then you paying just $3-4 dollar.

Here is the price for normal f1-micro server.The price will be around $7-8 dollar.

Example 2:For medium traffic sites.

Google g1-small compute engine with 1.75 ram and 0.5 % of vcpu is enough for a medium traffic website.For this type of setup you  will be around $17-$19.

For G1-small server with 15 gb SSD and 16gb egress data ,price will be around $17.85 dollar.

Example 3:For High traffic sites.

If you have a high traffic website websites this specification is perfect for you. 

Specification: 1 virtual core /3.7gb ram /30 gb ssd storage / around  16-20 gb egress(outgoing).Your google cloud website hosting price will be around $31.24.

This a typical example of a high traffic website. Price will be around $29-32 dollar.

4. Google Cloud vs other hosting providers.

Google Cloud Platform is nothing like other manage hosting providers ex- siteground, namecheap, a2hosting, bluehost etc.

If you are familiar with cpanel By default google cloud does not provide you a cpanel.

The Main difference is you have to use command-line-interface on google cloud. But others  manage hosting providers use graphical interface such as cPanel.

5. WordPress Hosting Options

Google have main three type of wordpress installation.

WordPress Single Instance using GCP Marketplace: 

This guide is base on this type of instances.

According to Google

With one click, deploy a single instance of WordPress to Compute Engine. This is the best option for WordPress installations expecting low to medium traffic, and can be scaled by changing the instance type. Visit the page .

WordPress on Kubernetes Engine:

Normally this option is best for hosting provide such as kinsta ,wp-engine and enterprise level websites.

According to Google

Deploy a scalable version of WordPress across multiple container instances. This option is for WordPress installations expecting heavy traffic, where auto-scaling and performance are worth the increased overhead of setting up and deploying.Visit the page

WordPress on App Engine:

This option is similar to Kubernetes Engine.

According to google

And is recommended only for WordPress installations expecting variable traffic with high peak levels. and is recommended only for WordPress installations expecting variable traffic with high peak levels.Visit the page

How to Host WordPress on Google Cloud ?

To host wordpress on google you have to install it on google cloud VM instances. 

As I told you before you can host wordpress in multiple ways on google cloud platform.

In this tutorial I am going to show you Google Single Instance  “Click to deploy” wordpress installation.

Google click to deploy is Managed by Google.

But for your knowledge, you can install wordpress with different methods  and configure settings on google cloud.

Here is a list of  Google WordPress hosting on single vm instances with different configuration:

  1. Google Click to deploy WordPress multisite.
  2. Multiple  wordpress on single stack.
  3. Bitnami wordpress installation.
  4. Bitnami wordpress multisite.
  5. Bitnami multiple wordpress on single stack. 

1. Install WordPress on Google Cloud.

On your Google Cloud  dashboard and click the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Click on the Marketplace Button.

Type wordpress on the search bar.

As you can see Google cloud has many type of wordpress-es . Don’t click on the wrong one. Click on the link(button) which has those words – “WordPress” ,” Google Click To Deploy ” , ” Virtual machines” . 


Click on the “LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE” link. 

2. Configure WordPress Installation.

After that chose you near by zone or where you want to deploy your server.

Now chose your compute engine as per your budget or need.It is unfortunate that now google does not give a option for f1-micro server for “Click to deploy WordPress installation” . If you want f1-micro server then go for Bitnami WordPress installation.

Now chose you Boot Disk Type.  Stander Persistent Disk  is  Mechanical type hard disk  thus it is much slower than SSD Persistent Disk. Go for SSD Persistent Disk.

Make sure to check the boxes to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Click Deploy  To install your server. It will take some time (5-10 m).

3. WordPress Site Login on Google Cloud.

If you click on your site address  you can visit your wordpress site.To login click on “Admin Url” . Your WordPress user name and pass is mention as wordpress admin user and wordpress admin password.

4. phpMyAdmin login.

Click on the link to visit your phpMyAdmin web interface.

5. How to Change myPhpAdmin Password on google cloud ?

To change your phpMyAdmin password –

      1. Click on SSH.
      2. Copy and Paste the command on your terminal.Then click enter.
    mysqladmin -u root -p password
    1. Enter your temporary password.
    2. Enter your new password.

5. How to Assign a Static IP Address on Google Cloud Platform.

You have to assign a static  Ip to your virtual instances (vm), or it might change after some time.

The majority of technical problems experienced by Google Cloud Platform users occur because the user failed to reserve a static IP address for their website.

Hover on VPC network, then Click on External IP addresses.

Click on Static.

Give a name.Then click on RESERVE.

Setup Your Domain on Google Cloud.

In this step your configuring you domain name to work with you wordpress.As of now you wordpress is only accessible through an IP address.

Lets change it to a domain name example- or

The main step here is to assign a “A” or “Cname” to your google cloud ip address.

Okay , there are couple of ways to do that.

You can do that by adding or modifying “A” address on your domain register website.


If your using cloudflare or other hosting providers. You need to edit dns record.

Or use Google DNS. I already wrote a blog about it. You go that tutorial. It will add some additional cost.

First, Go to Vm instances and copy your external IP.

Modify “A” record on domain register website:

here I am showing you two example for godaddy and namecheap.

If your domain register is other than those two then you have search it on google. Also You can ask me on comment section.


Go to dns management.

Paste the server ip you copied.

For namecheap

Go to advance Dns section.

Paste the server IP. You can delete the second “A” address.

For Cloudflare,

If you already setup Cloudflare,then you have to change some dns settings.

Go to dns section.

Edit and paste the server ip there.

By the way  slow dns can hurt your seo ranking .So you should chose a fast dns provider like cloudflare,google dns.I already wrote a blog about dns go and visit it.

If you want to use Google cloud dns go to this blog.

NOW, LOGIN TO  you WordPress.

Then go to setting > general.


 Some time, Change in A record can take some time. About 1-6 hours.

This step will connect your domain to your wordpress.

NOW, LOGIN TO  you WordPress.

Then go to setting > general.

Change your “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” to your domain name. Then click on save.

After that you can access your wordpress through you doman.

Here you can see that I can access my after changing site and wordpress address.

This is 2019 So you have setup ssl certificate to your wordpress site.Without ssl google chrome give you a “Not secure” tag.

So ,there are two ways to configure ssl certificate to your wordpress website.

If you want free, auto-renewing LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for your WordPress go to this tutorial.

or, If you already had or purchased an SSL certificate then go to this tutorial.

Migrate WordPress to Google Cloud

If you have an existing WordPress website that you want to migrate to your new WordPress on Google Cloud installation, then this tutorial is for you.

In this  tutorial, you will use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to migrate your WordPress website to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Ftp or Sftp setup with Filezilla / Winscp / Cyberduck

If you want access to your WordPress files, the only option is to connect using SFTP  client such as  Filezilla, Winscp, Cyberduck, etc.

I already wrote a blog about this. So go there to learn more about FTP and SFTP on google cloud.

This is my WordPress website ‘s filezilla setup. As you can see I downloaded some .conf file from my WordPress.

Now it's your turn.

I hope this blog worth your time. I tried my best to provide  you a complete answer on WordPress hosting on Google Cloud.

If  you face any problem feel free to drop a comment.

If you benefited from this tutorial, and would like to support my work, please like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Post Summary

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  2. WordPress Hosting Cost.
  3. Step by step WordPress installation guide.
  4. Different methods of wordpress installation.

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